Letica... the beauty is inside!

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The idea of having my makeup effortlessly displayed in a beautiful and practical case has been my obsession for the past 3 years … joyfully creating every single detail — “The delight is in the details.”   Made with polished pop-printed fabrics that are so easy to clean, and fine vegan “leather.”

I love when I hear the “Wows!” every time I open my Letica BB (Beauty Bag).  It’s my vanity on the go!

 I love Letica Beauty Bag….I think you will, too.


Welcome to our first luxury vegan bags, cross bodies, messengers and clutches… no leather, fur or skin, cruelty free, animal friendly and environmentally conscious.  

This collection is inspired by the urban-millennial woman…World traveler, practical, organized and feminine; she knows where her lipstick is!


I created a line of luxurious limited edition handcrafted bags…each beautifully embellished with original artwork by artisans using crystal beads and intricate embroideries.  Functional art….these pieces are a legacy to be treasured for years to come.

And lastly, my hand-dyed leather Glam-Chic collection… cleverly organizes your essentials and makeup neatly inside.  A perfect match to accompany you to the office….or the opera!

Letica is successfully sold online and at trendy Accessory retailers in the USA.